The Design Police are Alive and Well

Oh Design Police, where was your visual enforcement kit back when I was managing a team of designers? I bet your clever labels with their official-looking arrows would have carried much more authority than my measly handwritten notes.

I especially love the labels, “Comic Sans is illegal,” “Legible from space,” and “Helvetica was an unimaginative choice.” Your philosophies are completely in tune with ours here at Fight Bad Design.

Design Police, I believe every proofreader and editor should be armed with this kit. Therefore, I hereby implore you to create a digital version that enables me to insert these labels individually into a PDF. Because really, who proofreads or edits on paper anymore?


One Response to “The Design Police are Alive and Well”

  1. Frederik Riis Says:

    If you were ever to enforce a law, within the field of design, you would need evidence.

    Many regards from the ‘real’ Design Police 🙂

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