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Just Say No :: To Magazine Insert Cards

June 8, 2010

It has gotten to the point where I shake my magazines over the recycle bin before reading them.

Does anyone really use those annoying little insert cards that magazines insist on hiding between the pages? It’s one thing if I am reading the magazine at the bookstore, or at the dentist, but when I have already subscribed, do I need three or four annoying little cards with subscription offers? They fall out all over the place. Besides, I’ll be getting the renewal letter in the mail soon anyway — a letter letting me know my subscription is expiring and I wouldn’t want to miss a SINGLE issue so I’d better renew now. Even though it doesn’t expire for another six months….

Do we even need to talk about the wasted paper? They may be small but I bet they add up. If they eliminated those little cards from all the subscriber magazines, just think of how many fewer they’d need to print!

And even if they did eliminate the loose cards from within the pages, they’d STILL have the one or two that are attached and perforated. Which are almost as annoying as the loose ones.

Besides, subscriptions are so inexpensive these days, it’s not like magazines make money on the subscriptions themselves. The printing and postage cost more than the subscription. It’s advertising that pays the bills. But magazines need reader and subscriber percentages to sell advertising. Knowing all of that, I still don’t see the need for all these annoying little cards. Do they really generate that many new subscriptions? Does anyone know?


The Design Police are Alive and Well

June 7, 2010

Oh Design Police, where was your visual enforcement kit back when I was managing a team of designers? I bet your clever labels with their official-looking arrows would have carried much more authority than my measly handwritten notes.

I especially love the labels, “Comic Sans is illegal,” “Legible from space,” and “Helvetica was an unimaginative choice.” Your philosophies are completely in tune with ours here at Fight Bad Design.

Design Police, I believe every proofreader and editor should be armed with this kit. Therefore, I hereby implore you to create a digital version that enables me to insert these labels individually into a PDF. Because really, who proofreads or edits on paper anymore?