Footless Woman :: Good for Business?

The Oasis — A Club for Men who Love Footless Women

The Oasis — A Club for Men who Love Footless Women

Setting aside the fact that I am a woman and clearly do not understand the appeal of the “gentleman’s club,” the design of this sign is just wrong on so many levels.

I drive by this sign on my way to work each day, and after five years, I largely ignore it. However, considering the purpose of this blog is to highlight bad design (in an effort to eventually abolish bad design — quite a challenge, I know) through education, I thought it might be time to call attention to it.

So the idea here is pretty clear; let’s use the club’s name, The Oasis, and give it a visual that says what oasis actually means. Surprisingly, in that respect, it is actually successful. Most of us will conjure up images of a tropical island when asked to define the word oasis. It isn’t the prettiest sign in the world — in fact, it’s downright ugly. The woman is sitting at an uncomfortable-looking awkward angle almost leaning against the tree, but not. However, that is not the sign’s biggest issue.

Fetish or skill set? Where are her feet?

Fetish or skill set? Where are her feet?

Can someone please tell me where her feet are? Perhaps the footless woman is a secret man fetish I am unaware of. If I had such a bizarre secret fetish, I would also keep it secret. So maybe it’s just that, as a woman, I’m not privy to that kind of information. That’s fine, I guess. But I doubt that is the case. So where are they? Where are this woman’s feet?

Okay, so considering the awkwardness of the rest of the design, I can make the leap to say, perhaps her feet are burred in the sand. I don’t need to point out the very obvious perspective issues with this concept. Suffice it to say that it is a very sad attempt at drawing at the most basic level. But as a creative person and modern art lover, I could almost forgive the rest of the graphic on the basis of “kitch.” It’s the footless part that gets me. And maybe the island that looks like a surfboard.

Gentleman, care to explain?


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