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Footless Woman :: Good for Business?

September 25, 2009
The Oasis — A Club for Men who Love Footless Women

The Oasis — A Club for Men who Love Footless Women

Setting aside the fact that I am a woman and clearly do not understand the appeal of the “gentleman’s club,” the design of this sign is just wrong on so many levels.

I drive by this sign on my way to work each day, and after five years, I largely ignore it. However, considering the purpose of this blog is to highlight bad design (in an effort to eventually abolish bad design — quite a challenge, I know) through education, I thought it might be time to call attention to it.

So the idea here is pretty clear; let’s use the club’s name, The Oasis, and give it a visual that says what oasis actually means. Surprisingly, in that respect, it is actually successful. Most of us will conjure up images of a tropical island when asked to define the word oasis. It isn’t the prettiest sign in the world — in fact, it’s downright ugly. The woman is sitting at an uncomfortable-looking awkward angle almost leaning against the tree, but not. However, that is not the sign’s biggest issue.