Dancing Girls = Good Advertising?!

Picture 3 You’ve seen these ads, right? They are usually advertising a refinance, or for moms to go back to school, or some other diluted version of a presidential plan. The messaging is very clear in all of them, and isn’t anything new. But why the dancing girls?

Honestly, I am trying to find some virtue in the dancing girls. I’m trying to find some reason for their being, other than some movement on the page to capture attention. But if the advertiser is trying to get my attention why wouldn’t they create some movement that is actually relevant to the ad content? Is that such a crazy idea? Is it so radical to think that an ad’s imagery and content might want to have something in common?Picture 5

So we have these girls dancing on the page. I’ve even seen some silhouetted men dancing. These guys seem a little Chippendale-esque to me. And again, I’m not exactly clear on what their purpose is. But I’m seeing more and more dancing people promoting loans, college degrees and even auto insurance.

So I’m wondering if there’s a common thread. Other than the tackiness of these irrelevant dancing people that is. Does anyone know? Is it some financial institution using these disparate ideas to get people to borrow money for school, homes, or…. car insurance?
Picture 4
Once I clicked on one of the return-to-school ads to see where it went, it seems to be a searchable database of schools and areas of study. I couldn’t see if it had a financial tie-in. And if they are several separate businesses, why would they all use the same, silly idea?

These ads all get an A+ in tackiness and irrelevance. And with their occasional use of Comic Sans, their regular use of Relfex Blue, and their inability to come up with a concept, they all get a big F in design. Don’t you agree?


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2 Responses to “Dancing Girls = Good Advertising?!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Jennifer –

    well hello there. We worked together briefly back in 2004 or so (the Dircks deal). So came across this through a linkedin journey and felt you might be interested in this. In a previous life I actually worked on the Lowermybills advertising effort. And I can tell you this – that organization is super buttoned up with advertising metrics and optimization. Remember the long pig with all the states? Well the reason they continue to run the dancing people is simple – they’re getting the response they need. So while the design could be improved, it would unlikely improve response rate and so, voila! Dancing girls.

    Hope you and chuck are well!

    • authorjen Says:

      Well hello to you! Of course we remember you! 🙂 Thanks for the informative comment. I do remember that ad with all the states and I’m amazed that it gets results, but impressed that this company has been able to identify something so simple and successful. I suppose this leads us to conclude that successful design can be qualified two ways, one by results and two by aesthetics. I guess it depends on your goal(s). So that’s why we have dancing girls, huh? Well, can you also explain the footless woman in our other post? 😉

      Hope you’re well! Give us a call. We’ll do lunch.

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